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Access the most suitable health and home insurance tailored to your needs in Thailand.

With extensive experience in the Thai insurance sector and having assisted hundreds of expatriates and retirees, we understand the challenges associated with insurance.

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Insurance in Thailand for expatriates & retirees

Your best protection

A health insurance to protect you in case of accidents, planned surgeries, common health issues, as well as against diseases (Cancer)

Health insurance plan

Considering your age, medical history, and requirements, obtain a tailored insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage.

Access to the best hospitals

Access the best private hospitals and clinics in Thailand, as well as worldwide with international health coverages.

Insure you and your family

Health insurance plan from the birth up to 99 years old. Get the best health protection for you and your family.

Direct billing

Benefit from coverage in the major hospitals of Thailand without upfront payment with most insurers.

Save money on your insurances

Benefit from the best rates and insurance tailored to your needs by comparing with the main insurers.

Home insurance

Insure your home, personal belongings, and third-party damages.

Coverage against unforeseen events.

Insurance is an essential means to protect oneself from life's risks.

Travel Insurance

Be covered when you travel in Thailand or abroad, with worldwide coverage.

Partners with the leading insurers in Thailand

Save on your health and home insurance in Thailand

Access to the best insurance plan based on your needs.

Insurance plans that fit your needs

Access to tailored offers from the best insurers.

Be assisted during all steps

Secure, fast and easy to subscribe

Well established insurers

Choose Tailored Insurance for Your expatriation or Retirement in Thailand

Living in Thailand is a dream you deserve to experience hassle-free. As seasoned consultant, we work for and alongside you. We handpick solutions from top local and international insurance companies that are best suited to your specific health and housing needs.

Why choose our insurance brokerage services?

We navigate the intricate world of insurance on your behalf.

We have a deep understanding of the unique needs of English-speaking expatriates and retirees in Thailand.

We offer customer support in English and French.

Our solutions are flexible and customized, addressing your specific needs.

Moreover, we're well-acquainted with the challenges faced by expatriates and retirees, including mutual contracts, the option to seek treatment in various countries worldwide, and lifetime contracts to guard against exclusions.
Don't let unforeseen events dampen your Thai adventure.

Opt for tailored insurance today.

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You are covered. Benefit from 24/7 customer service and coverage tailored to your needs.

An essential step during expatriation.

Don't leave room for unforeseen events; the Thai healthcare system is of high quality but can be very expensive if you don't have insurance. Moreover, the public healthcare system is reserved for Thais who contribute. Additionally, for the acquisition of certain visas, health insurance is mandatory.

Thailand boasts a high-quality private healthcare system; however, medical care can be expensive, and coverage will require insurance. If you're relocating to Thailand, it's essential to get health insurance.

Retiring in Thailand offers many advantages; however, a number of retirees encounter difficulties in finding health insurance beyond the age of 65. Moreover, health insurance is mandatory to obtain a retirement or LTR visa. So, remember to get insured.

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